UAP Executive Summary 

Union Auto Program

  • Created by John Perez & Hon Richard Gephardt ( speaker US House of Reps

  • No upfront fees, Monthly fees, Cancel anytime

  • Endorsed by AFL CIO/ 55 Unions to help members buy vehicles

  • Union Members: Stable Jobs, Higher Income, better Beacons

  • Provides certified dealers  access to 17m members, 42m family/retired

  • UAP has a website and displays dealer inventory feeds

  • If member takes delivery $425 (used) $375 (new) fee applies

  • Member chooses vehicle (as soon as entered by member)

    • Member receives a certificate

    • Dealer also receives CRM lead

  • Member goes to dealership

  • If member buys vehicle fee’s above apply

  • FAST Dealer Sign Up & Activation

  • Simple Paperwork

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